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Indasa Rhynowet Sheets Abrasive Sheets

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Indasa Rhynowet Sheets Abrasive Sheets

Lightweight material

Extensive grit range from P60 to P2000 for micro finish application.

. Highly flexible - Adaptable to curves and contoured surfaces

. Uniformtiy scratch pattern  - Optimum substrate preparation 

. Anti slip - Easy to sand

. Use with water - Smooth finish sanding

Substrates suggestions

list of the substrates on which this product can be used;

Old paint, Top coat, Fibre glass, Solid surfaces, Walls and dry walls, Primers, Clear coats, Gel coats, Wood coating and stone and concrete.

Suited for;

Decorative, Automotive Refinishing, Composite industries, Industry & Manufacturing and Wood Furniture

Pack sizes are followed P120 to P1200 25 full sheets per pack 230mm x 280mm 9 x 11 inch

P1500 to P2000 half sheets 50 half sheets per pack 140mm x 230 mm 5.5 x 9 inch