Maintenance Fluid 5L

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Maintenance Fluid 5L - Silicone free with PTFE

A multipurpose product with lubricating, cleaning, dewatering, penetrating and corrosion inhibition properties.

Ideal for all ferrous metals, as a general purpose lubricant specifically designed to release seized and corroded components, as a general purpose lubricant, a dewatering fluid or as a temporary ainti corrosive coating.


Shake thoroughly before use. Apply directly onto the component or surface and allow to penetrate or form a film.


May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.

keep out of reach of children.

Avoid breathing vapours / spray.

Wear protective gloves.

If swallowed: Immediately call poison centre or doctor / physician. Do not induce vomiting.

If on skin: wash with plenty or soap and water.

Dispose of contents / container in accordance with local regulations.