Parma Odour Foggers by Parma Automotive

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  • Description

    Odour Foggers

    Not a cover up, but a true odour oxidising agent. Use it to combat smoke and fire odours, mustiness, pet smells, decayed matter or any other annoying odour regardless of its source. These odour foggers offer complete odour elimination where many others will simply mask it temporarily. Very popular in the valeting industry.

    Directions: Spot Use: This odour fogger can be used for up to 10 vehicles with mild odour problems by lightly pressing down on the cap to shoot several short bursts throughout the vehicles interior, or lock-down the cap and spray a 10 second sweep.

    Extreme Odours: Close doors and windows. Place fogger in the centre of the vehicle on the floor at the lowest point. Place a cloth directly under the fogger to protect the area under the nozzle. Remove cap from can, turn cap upside down and press down until it locks. Get out and close the door immediately. Leave vehicle undisturbed for 1 hour. Open all the doors and allow to ventilate for 30 minutes

    Comes in different scents:-

    • Bubblegum
    • Country Berry
    • Fresh Linen
    • Lemon
    • Mountain Air
    • Orange
    • Vanilla
    • Mango
    • New Car
    • Cool Ice

    Available in single packs, packs of 2 or 3 and 12. Any preferences of scents in a mixed pack can be requested at the checkout.

    Download PDF safety data sheet