Once you spot a swirl or a scratch on your car, we know they require immediate action. This is why we have such a wide array of detailing polisher productsto keep you or your clients’ vehicles looking factory fresh. We stock all of your favourite brands as well as our own. This means we can help you keep your car looking great no matter your budget.

We want to help our clients make the most of our detailing polisher items, which is why we provide a guide here! Professional polishing is an integral part of the washing and sealing processes that define attentive car care. In short, you remove your old worn wax coats and residue first before you apply a fresh solution.

After thoroughly rinsing your car and you’ve used one of our great sealant and wax removers to effortlessly wipe away prior layers, our range of polishing products is the perfect next step.

For a more natural sheen, try out one of our wax formulas. If you’re looking for a protective shield then our paint sealant (applied with one of our great accessories) will create a beautiful, protective bubble around your beloved motor.

Whether you’re looking for equipment for your business or just your own car, we can help. From 3M and Farecla to our own brands, we really believe you’ll struggle to find a better product range.

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