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Red Telescopic Wash Brush with Teflon Head

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Red Telescopic Wash Brush

Our new extendable  red wash brush has a revolutionary head connection system. All other wash brushes use a tapered screw thread to connect the head to the pole, whereas this system uses a tapered square which prevents the head from unscrewing during use.

They are robust in construction, which prevents bending when in use while fully extended.

1.88m when fully extended with the head

1.2m when fully closed with head

Inner tube 25mm

Outer tube 32mm

Comes with a three way hose lock connector which is off, low and high and two foam grips for ease of handling.

This particular brush comes with a centre tube which channels the water from the hose to the head without filling the whole handle with water. This makes the brush lighter in use.

With this brush there is a choice of a standard 10" bi level head with nylon bristles for cold water use only or you can have a 10" bi level head with Teflon fibres for use with hot or cold water.