Tygris Open Gear Lubricant 400ML by W.A.C Products

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  • Description

    Tygris R216 is a bituminous reinforced heavy duty lubricant formulated to protect and lubricate exposed gears, wire ropes and other moving parts. Exceptional penetrating and water resistance properties make it ideal for situations where exposure to weather is experienced and it tenacity resists throwing off during use.

    Direction for use;

    Shake well before use. spray on stationary parts from 20cm - 30cm.


    Use the directional nozzle to assist in accurate application of the lubricant..

    Lifetime (4 Life) guarantee is limited to replacement of faulty goods, excluding normal wear and tear, with comparable products.


    Highly resistant to throw off

    Water resistant for use in adverse weather conditions.

    Good penetrating qualities

    Excellent lubricant power

    High pressure foaming discharge imparts excellent penetrative power.

    Protects against corrosion, wear and salt

    Resistant to embrittlement over long usage

    Product Code: TOG